Here it was… March of 2014.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table wondering to myself how I can get my 2 children and me out of this small, 600 square foot apartment and into a place we could call our own?

My credit scores were low, I was swimming in credit card debt, and here I was- a 27-year-old young woman out of Chicago- working endlessly to save and survive.

I was puzzled. Wondering in what ways I can become a friend to every lender in the city to finally improve my life.

In case you do not know, your credit score is a three-digit number that shows your creditworthiness. On the FICO scale, having a score above 700 gives you better negotiation power to discuss with a lender.

But then, here I was with a score of 545, which was considered poor. Yikes!

Every time I approached a lender for a loan or credit card, they would run a credit check and slap with me high-interest rates and crappy terms, or give me the DENY.

I got sick and tired of it.

I just knew that I had to do something about my credit score if I really wanted to make my dream of homeownership a reality.

The first thing I had to do was to ask for my credit report. I desperately needed to review it and check it thoroughly to identify WHY my scores were so low.

And what I discovered was embarrassing…

I had several medical collections, late payments, and maxed out credit cards staring back at me from this 10+ page document that reminded me of how poor my money management really was. They were like credit score bandits, keeping me from my dreams.

So, I grabbed a highlighter and a pen and got to work immediately.

I started writing dispute letters to credit bureaus and creditors using the knowledge I had learned from scouring the internet and submerging myself into credit and financial education.

And then suddenly…

My credit score began to grow- and so did my excitement and confidence.

I started to see those credit bandits fall from my credit reports, and my scores were creeping their way up. I just knew that THIS was the answer to my financial woes.

I continued to indulge myself with more education and started to experience exponential growth with my credit scores.

I was able to raise my scores of 545 to 765 in 8 months. And I then leveraged my credit to pay off $31,804.21 of credit card debt in another 8 months- and I didn’t even have to make any more money.

I was ecstatic, but I wasn’t satisfied. I needed more!

Don’t get me wrong…

I was happy with how far I had come with my credit scores, but staring at me was another opportunity to make them even better.

This was when I discovered 5 bulletproof ways to raise my credit scores. No fluffy stuff either. I’m talking about proven strategies that helped me reach the perfect 850 credit score.

Isn’t it beautiful?

I worked hard for years to improve my credit, and it was the best decision ever.

I was able to start getting approved for credit cards with points and rewards. I’ve purchased my first home, taken several trips for free, and delivered myself from the heavy burden of credit card debt.

Life has become more comfortable for my kids and me ever since I got to know these incredible credit hacks. And now I’m a banker’s bestie. 😎


I know there are lots of people out there who are in similar situations like this, but I can assure you if you try these 5 tricks, you will get on the fast-track to becoming free like me.

All you have to do is check out my free webinar that shows you the exact method I used to rapidly raise my credit scores from 545 to 765- and later reaching 850.

Not only that, but you’ll also learn some mistakes to avoid on your journey, so you don’t waste any time, money, or unnecessary frustration.

Try them out now if you want to start improving your credit the fast and easy way.

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