About Jeri


Hey and welcome to my “personal page”. I’ll be honest. It’s always a bit tough to talk about myself, but here it goes…

I’m born-and-raised Chicago girl with nothing more than passion, to see people win.

Through my online programing and world-class online training programs, I help people like you get the most out of their money and create lasting financial success.

I am a woman that wears many hats- mother, business woman, sister, friend, and a creator. 


One of the things I’m often asked is "How did you get started in all this?"

Truthfully? I was tired.

I was tired of living a life of financial irresponsibility…

I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck…

I was tired of drowning in debt…

So, I quit.

I quit making excuses.

I quit placing blame.

And I took action.

I made it a mission to fix my financial circumstances for me and my two baby loves.

Look at those faces… 😍

That’s where it all changed. 

I studied, researched, and completely committed to being an absolute maniac about improving my credit scores and getting out of debt.

In 8 short months, I was able to raise my credit scores from 545 to 765, and I totally eliminated $31,804.21 of credit card debt!

I purchased my first home shortly after, and birthed my company Flyy Credit Solutions to teach other’s how to do the same thing.

Now I travel the USA to speak and teach financial literacy classes, host online conferences and LIVE workshops to spread the power of financial education.

Because I truly believe that when you properly manage the money have now, more will flow to you effortlessly.