I was stuck in a rut…

Stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, with almost $32,000 of credit card debt drowning me in guilt and shame. I felt like a total failure. I had failed my children, my friends, and even worse- myself. 

I asked myself, “How did I get here? How did I allow myself to give up on my dreams? How did I lose sight of it all?”

As a hard-working mother of two amazing children, trying to pave a future they can stand on and be proud of for generations to come, I had realized something. I was moving backward.

How could I possibly leave my children anything when I didn’t have anything other than a weekly paycheck, a car I was paying an overpriced note on, and a bank account that was barely staying out of the negative?

Here I was trying to make something out of myself. Working hard on a job, trying to find my stride in the entrepreneurial world, but I couldn’t set myself free from the bondage of…


And no matter how hard I tried to turn it all around, my feet sank deeper into the ground and paralyzed me from answering my call to freedom.

Until I discovered… My brain was playing tricks on me. 

It had convinced me that I was shaken to my core and unable to take the steps I needed to take to reach my dreams. It had convinced me that how other people felt about MY dreams was more important than stepping into massive action with a spirit of excellence. It had convinced me to play small. Ugh, what a discovery.

So, here’s what I did.

I gave up my negative self-talk and reprogrammed my way of thinking. I stopped telling myself I was scared, and instead sold myself on excitement! 

I stopped worrying about getting that video wrong. I quit worrying about forgetting my words on stage in front of hundreds of people. I quit striving to be perfect and instead told myself how excited I was to share my story, journey, and message with the world.

I had to face the fear of losing the unknown, and develop a love affair with the unpredictable and unexpected. 

Easier said than done, you say? 

I get it, feeling afraid is totally normal. In fact, it’s necessary to keep us alive and thriving in times of uncertainty. 

But I’ll tell you this. Nothing will change until you do. 

I know it sometimes sucks. But, if you REALLY want to get out your rut and win, you’ve gotta get excited! Downright, toddler in the candy store excited!

And I know you’re thinking, “Jeri, how can I get excited when I’m in debt, working a dead-end job, and my life is in shambles?!”

Well, my friend…

You’ve gotta get excited about overcoming adversity. You’ve gotta get excited about falling down. You’ve gotta get excited about making mistakes. You’ve gotta get excited about overcoming any obstacle that stands in your way.

Because whether you realize it or not, the fact it this- It’s inevitable!

You’re going to encounter circumstances you’ve never knew existed. And you’ve gotta decide… what will you do when it’s staring you dead in the face?

You might think at first: “What if I’m not qualified?” “What if no one respects me?” “What if I make a mistake?”

When you catch yourself thinking these thoughts, switch them to, “I have some great ideas” “I am creating a great, supportive team,” and “I will learn and improve as I go.”

Voila! You’ve switched your script from failure to excellence.

Don’t take this lightly and don’t wait…

NOW is the time for new beginnings. NOW is the time to give up on that script of self-limitation and unworthiness, and give in to your god-given gifts and finally shine.

So, tell me…

How will you change your fear and anxiety into excitement and anticipation? How will you break down the barriers and stronghold that fear has over your life? How will you interrupt the cycle and focus on the positive outcomes you wish to create? 

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