Your paycheck is determined by the value you bring to the workplace. If you want a raise, you must start increasing your value; and your value is determined by how well you can lead others. Your leadership skills are not defined by your title. However, working on your skills might just earn you that title that will increase your paycheck! How you ask? In this article, we’re going to cover some of the main keys I learned in corporate America, and what I implemented personally that helped me get promoted numerous times in the corporate world.

Here it goes:

Learn From Someone Who’s Doing it.

Have you ever been around people that land promotions everywhere they go? How about your managers? Who are they usually fond of in the workplace? Usually when that questioned is asked, most people think of that co-worker that’s a “suck-up” or “brown-noser”, but I tell you what; they’re doing something right. As a person that has served many upper management positions in the corporate world, one thing I know for sure is the people that get multiple promotions, and are consistently rewarded and recognized are the people that do more than everyone else. The co-worker that keeps the work area clean, offers to stay late, and consistently carries a great attitude is more likely to land a better paying position than someone who wears their dissatisfaction on their sleeve.

The Leadership Factor

Everyone loves a leader. Someone that is quick to take ownership and lead the team to a victorious day at work. One leadership quality I truly believe everyone needs to adopt asap is integrity. You’d be surprised how many people I’ve seen lose their jobs, promotions, and opportunities because they lacked integrity. Leadership is all about doing the right thing and leading by example. Managers like to see their workers taking the lead, and appreciate when other’s take the job as seriously as they do.

Be Solution Driven

I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring solutions to the table. Most people complain about the problems, but never exert any energy into finding the solutions. Do you know how you’d stand out if you simply offered solutions? You need to become known as the go-to person,  the problem-solver… not the problem-creator or spotter. Bring an idea to your boss today that could possibly solve a problem everyone is experiencing. Tell him or her you WANT to help out and make the workplace more pleasant and productive. Then ASK what you can do to be of assistance. With these 3 strategies, not only will your managers fall in love with you, but they will be happy to promote you into different positions because you have doubled your value in your workplace. You will become un-fireable (If that’s even a word), and you will climb the ranks faster than you’d ever imagine. Implement these strategies, and start taking your corporate career to the next level! 

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