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Jeri Toliver is the Founder and CEO of Flyy Credit Solutions and creator of the Flyy Credit University- A social media platform for financial literacy. She’s an experienced credit expert and financial literacy advocate that is known for helping educate, empower, and support consumers in financial advancement through the power of dynamic programming and education.
Since 2015, she has been dedicated to providing personal credit, business credit, and money mastery coaching and workshop’s for young adults, adults, and entrepreneurs to promote economic advancement and drive positive conversations about money.
In doing this, Jeri has helped her clients secure homeownership, become 100% debt free, grow their business’s, and develop positive relationships with money that create generational wealth for their families.
Jeri received her Associates Degree with a focus in business administration from Moraine Valley Community College. And because she is a lifetime learner, along with over 120 hours of financial education under her belt, she continues to educate herself to bring more value to the marketplace.
Through her over 10 years of combined experience as both a corporate manager, coordinator and trainer, Jeri developed a knack for working with other’s and helping them excel through workshops and goal-specific curriculum. Her strength is developing relationships, which enables her clients and students to open up about their financial obstacles and develop a plan that gets them excited about their financial future.
Jeri is a sought after and recognized speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations to young adults, adults and entrepreneurs. She brings a whole lot of exciting energy wherever she goes! Her educational, interactive, and down-to-earth approach captivates her audiences’ hearts and ears, while motivating them to take action through practical and proven teachings that work.
Jeri speaks to audiences at high schools. As well as colleges, conferences, churches, workshops and more.
When not coaching, speaking, or planning programs and initiatives for Flyy Credit, Jeri enjoys spending time with her two children, hanging out with friends and family, traveling every chance she gets, trying out new restaurants (although she almost ALWAYS orders the same thing), and staying home with a glass of wine and a good movie. She is OBSESSED with the color red, she sings while she drives … and her favorite movie? The Little Mermaid.
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“You were early to arrive and ready to deliver your presentation. You touched on all of the key items a person should know to understand their credit in a simplified way that the beginner could easily understand. Your presentation was bold, clean, concise yet thorough and you kept the audience involved and attentive the entire time.” -Wilonda Cannon
“Willingness to share and be transparent was very refreshing” -Cecelia Marlow
“You’re transparent with you story and your journey into full-time entrepreneurship. Your ability to become relatable makes the audience feel comfortable trusting you because you don’t come from a place of aggressively selling your services. You present facts mixed with your personal experiences to educate the audience.” – Sherri Jordan
“How much you’re willing to give and understand the pains of your audience.” – Sherise Turner
“No hidden agenda and schemes.  Pure information, freely given to people who often need it the most.  🙂  Thank  you for this.” -Lutalo McGee 
“I most enjoyed your professionalism, promptness and overall presentation from personal appearance to the information provided.  You fit right in with my brand and message.” -Jamesia Johnai
“The overall presentation  wowed me. I felt like an attendee rather than the facilitator. I took notes! Also, you were extraordinarily kind.” -Princess Danica