Today, I came across a study about procrastination, and it seriously amazed me. I know so many people who struggle with this issue (myself included), but what I’ve learned is there’s a simple way to overcome it.

According to the University of Calgary, 1 in 4 people are chronic procrastinators. That’s right 25%

Whether it’s a student pulling an “all-nighter” cramming for a test, an employee waiting until the last minute to complete a project at work, or a mom [insert me] putting off the laundry until she is surrounded by mountains of dirty clothes.

My friend, procrastination can get the best of you… if you don’t learn how to deal with it.

Which is why I want to share this quick message with you today.

I’m sure you never deal with procrastination yourself, but if that statistic is true and 1 in 4 people are actually chronic procrastinators, that means you know a lot of people who could benefit from this.

You know what I’ve learned?

It’s easy to make excuses and create distractions for ourselves, instead of doing what really needs to be done. But in reality, procrastination causes stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm and pressure. Procrastination does NOT lead to success!

The only way to beat procrastination is to take action now (not later)!

This nasty habit, is also accompanied by some nasty consequences.

Here’s a few:

Procrastination will keep you from getting a promotion at work.
It will keep you from starting your business.
It will keep you from paying off your debt.
It will keep you from going on your dream vacation.

It will keep you STUCK!

Procrastination comes from lack of vision, lack of focus, and a list of postponed decisions.

But, what I’ve learned is making a decision has so much power. When you make a decision, and follow it up with action, success happens- undoubtedly!


Because decision and action leave no room for procrastination.

Think about it…

We live in a world filled with almost so many distractions.  We’ve got Facebook, email, IMs, text messages, and cell phones begging for your time and attention. And if you don’t direct your time, it will get sucked up into other – unproductive – places.

Have you ever (accidentally) scrolled your social media timelines an 1 minute or hour too long, only to realize you accomplished none of your goals, and ruins your day?

When we are distracted, we begin to feel overwhelmed by the tasks facing us. But, instead of pushing forward and doing what needs to be done, guess what most of the population does?

They procrastinate!

They voluntarily place themselves into this endless cycle of distraction, procrastination and stress.

Well, it’s time to break the cycle, by taking action today!

Many people justify their procrastination by saying they work best under pressure. But, according to a study published in the International Journal of Innovation and Learning, working under pressure leads to mental fatigue, negatively affecting work quality, productivity, work engagement and innovation.

I know you are capable of succeeding beyond even your wildest dreams. So I will leave you with this…

Procrastination does not lead to success – it leads to stress, pressure and fear. As you evaluate your own habits regarding time management and productivity, you have to make the decision…

Will you choose to use these strategies to overcome procrastination and live the life you want to live? Or will you keep putting off your dream life until tomorrow (and the next day, and the next…)?

It’s up to you!

Either way, if you’re unsure where to start, I highly encourage you to tune in to our FREE Clarity Class. It’s a 3-part webinar series that will help you release yourself from the reigns of procrastination, and gain the clarity to adopt winning habits that will vastly transform your life.

You’ll learn how to kick procrastination in the face, so you can finally life life on YOUR terms with clear direction and complete confidence.

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