I was so worried…
I had an interesting idea I wanted to desperately launch. I had the education, passion, and skills to succeed in what I wanted.
But, I was too afraid to start.
I was so excited about my idea. But, the more I talked about it, the more I started doubting myself. It hurt to think I wouldn’t succeed.
THIS is who I was back in 2015… Someone full of self-doubt.
Looking back on it, it hurts me every more now. Because even though I was able to overcome it, I now am able to clearly see how the people I know and love, as well as people worldwide suffer with the same negative voices despite our unwavering excitement.
Self-doubt is the most common reason why people fail.
When you think, you hesitate.
When you overanalyze your ideas, you overthink everything and kill your conviction.
That’s why you get stuck and become part of a startling statistic my friend Dana was sharing with me the other day… that 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. Yikes.
All isn’t dreadful though. You can certainly change that negative voice into a self-motivating, positive one that pushes you to reach your fullest potential. Let’s talk about it.

Four Reasons Self-Doubt Is Holding You Back

1. You lack clarity on what you want.

When self-doubt casts its shadow over your dreams, everything becomes blurred. What seemed a great idea is now full of flaws. You change your mind constantly feeling confused.
Its time for you to pause, and reconnect with yourself again. Discover who you really are and what REALLY matters to you.
We often are sleepwalking though life without realizing it. We conform to what others want and think of us, all while giving up our power to create our most fulfilling and joyous life.
Here’s what you can do:
I’ve done you a favor and created a Clarity Class that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. It’ll give you a blueprint to finding the clarity you need in your life so you can finally crush your goals and predict your success. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

2. Perfectionism

Most people are crippled by this idea of being perfect. The only problem with this very idea is
It doesn’t exist.
There are so many ideas that get lost, businesses that never get launched, videos and statuses that never get posted because of the idea of being perfect.
But, here’s the kicker
No one expects you to be perfect.
Respect isn’t born through perfectionism, it’s developed through giving your best-consistent and passionate effort.
Just do what you want to do, and don’t give into the idea that everything has to be perfect before you start. I’m telling you now
It doesn’t.

3. Comparing yourself to others

In a world of social networks, it’s impossible to ignore what everyone else is doing and get distracted and distressed with “how slow you’re moving”.
The problem with this, is everyone startes in different places of their journey. Some people live different lives, and have different responsibilities and priorities. So it’s virtually impossible to compare your life, success, happiness, etc. to someone else on a different path.
Think about it… Would you get on the court with Michael Jordan expecting to defeat him if you’ve never played basketball before? Of course not.
The only way to reach your goals is to focus on them, not someone else’s.

4. Negative environments

A flower can’t grow without sunshine and rain, and neither can you.
Take a look at your environment- your family, friends, co-workers, significant other. And then ask yourself if they have your best interest at heart?
Do they truly want what’s best for you? Or do they want wants best for them? I find that this is sometimes hard to answer, because although our parents may love us, they may not necessarily know what what would make us feel truly fulfilled.
Nevertheless, think about it. Is your environment full of negative, dysfunctional, depressed, ungrateful, lazy people? If so, you’ll never be able to flourish in your life or business.
It’s time to ditch that place, and find a new “place you can call home
Find new friends, read new books, develop a supportive community where you can thrive. One that does not feed your self-doubt, but encourage you to work diligently through it.
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Adopting a Doubt-Free Mindset

Jumping into action is the first step to overcome self-doubt. To build long-term confidence, you need to develop a new mindset. Here’s how.

1. Listen to your gut

Relearn to trust your instinct and your passion.

This was hard for me. Until

I started watching Scandal, and realized how sure Olivia Pope was of that natural gift we all were given- intuition.

Not only that… after reading a Gary Klein’s Power of Intuition, I was sold on my natural ability to make decisions for my future.

Now, I’m not saying stop listening to your brain, but rather hear all the voices, not just the logical one that self-doubt stems from.

Operating with either the brain or the heart can lead you into trouble. The brain is afraid to explore beyond the comfort zone thus paralyzing you. The heart encourages you to pursue unknown and riskier paths. Thus making you feel over-confident and mistake-prone.
Use the logic and intuition in balance to overcome self-doubt.

2. Ignore the critics.

Its a known fact that successful people are used to having more critics than fans. The more unique your art, the deeper you’ll connect with some people, the more others will reject you.
Ask some of your favorite celebrities.
As Winston Churchill said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
Come to grips with knowing not everyone will like you or what you stand for, and that’s perfectly ok.

3. Always be learning

In the marketplace, your income is a direct reflection of the value you offer.
Heres the problem.
97% of people stop learning after they graduate high school… some college. After that, they never pick up another book, or study to learn another skill again.
And if you never learn anything new, you lose value or never increase in value; thus, never increasing your income, balance or freedom.
Make a commitment to keep learning for as long as you live. Read books, take goal-related courses, and keep sharpening your saw so you’ll always remain on top of your game.

4. Silence your inner critic.

Hush overthinking.
Every time you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.
Don’t get caught in self-doubt. That feeling can show up unexpectedly. It happens to me too. But, that doesn’t mean doubt deserves a room in your mind.
Silence your inner-critic. Make room for the voice of your dreams instead.

5. Control what you can control

Success requires focusing your energy on activities that produce results.
In life and business, there’s always something that doesn’t go as planned. But, worrying about it won’t change a thing. Instead, be proactive and prepare for those unlikely mistakes or pitfalls.
And if you happen to encounter one that you weren’t prepared for, uncover where you went wrong and take it as a learning lesson so it never happens again.
There’s only one things you can control. Yourself.
You can’t control other people and other outside forces and influences, so don’t waste your time. Focus on managing yourself and how you react to them instead.

6. Climb the wall

When I decided to take my business to a new level, it felt necessary to learn new skills to become more valuable in my area of expertise. So I stretched myself.
Stretching my goals were encouraging and rewarding. Every week I was reaching a new high. Until one day, I didn’t make any progress. I felt frustrated. It took me awareness and diligent training to overcome that plateau.
Hitting a wall is a necessary part of progress.
When things get hard, it’s because youre ready to climb the wall. It will be higher, and it will be harder to climb. But, if you don’t feel resistance, you are not pushing yourself hard enough.

7. Take relentless action

The first step in success is taking action. Massive, ridiculously relentless action. The type if action that you see in movies.
Climb the wall. Launch the business. Move to that new city. Start that new job. Read 5 books a month. Commit to becoming the best you can be.
Action is the only way you can build confidence. Because only through your blood, sweat, and tears can you create results.
You can’t create results and make a six-figure income sitting at home stressing yourself out about what colors your logo should be, or what your web design should look like. You can only create it though trial and error, testing and developing, and following through.
When you commit to action, there’s no room for self-doubt.
The shadow of self-doubt might show up unexpected. It’s up to you to move from darkness to light.
How does self-doubt affect you? Which of these insights and tips will you put in practice?
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