5 Huge Mistakes I Made As An Entrepreneur

As a child, my main goals in life were to become a basketball player in the WNBA, a world class attorney, and own/operate my own business. Needless to say, I’m not out shooting hoops, nor did I attend law school; … Read More

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4 Ways to Live a Happier Life

Happiness- probably one of the most underused tool in our toolbox. Often you hear people talk about it, but it’s always described as this elusive fantasy wrapped in smiles and giggles. A newborn babies smile, a trip to your favorite … Read More

3 Ways to Transition from J.O.B into Entrepreneurship

We live in an interesting time. Technology is constantly advancing, and change seems to be the new normal. Jobs are not secure. Yet, we were taught to go to school, get into an unreasonable amount of debt, and hope to … Read More